SIPNA's Mission Statement !

Sea Isle Park
Neighborhood Association



The purpose of the Sea Isle Neighborhood Association (SIPNA) shall be to maintain the area as a stable, residential neighborhood; to protect and promote the best interests of the residents; to promote and strive for the improvement and betterment of all public facilities and services within said boundaries.   To promote and encourage a cohesive community and civic spirit; to foster good will and friendship among all the residents within said boundaries.   To establish a unified, positive approach to the mainteance of the residential quality of the area and demonstrate the importance of safe-guarding stable urban neighborhoods.   To promote a sense of community pride and to cooperate with city, county, and state officials, and with other civic and public organizations for the general walfare of the entire community.   To encourage desirable neighborhood businesses in existing commerical areas and to resist encroachments upon properties in currently zoned residential areas.

                                                                                Board of Directors